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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dreamers - The onstage and offstage performances of Janet L Castillo

To the next generation of dreamers - I salute you.

I've been chasing my dreams, living my dreams, shot down by dreams, inspired by dreams, and frustrated by dreams.

Well now it's time to SHARE my dreams and everything that comes along with it. I've been on this journey for a while and it has been difficult for me to always keep everyone updated on what has been going on with me both on and off stage. Well here it official jlcworld blog where I can share new knowledge, cool tips, and fascinating information through my written laughs, cries, snorts, karate kicks, "grrrrr" and "aha!" moments. Feel free to come along for the ride and share your comments!

As I trek along in the city of dreams, I'm on an endless mission to learn about the world through all forms of the performing arts. I"m an artist first...and a dancer, choreographer, teacher, actor, writer, host, professional smiler, and everything in between second.

The other night, I dreamt I was a sad asian Barbie Doll dancing with disco balls; to a General in training for war (don't kill me with the sword!), to a twisting Austin Powers and sharp Michael Jackson dancer; to an Italian baker dancing latin-inspired moves; to a flapper from the 20's. Oh wait....I just performed in the show for Asia Entertainment and it was all so (strangely) real. We rehearsed for a week and performed two shows this past weekend. I must say that although the rehearsals were long and draining, once I'm up on that stage again, nothing can beat the feeling of dancing your heart out for an audience. Whether your in a barbie pink dress or not.


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