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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reality TV: So I KNOW I can dance....

I breathed in the most beautiful sunset that morning.
Staring out the Las Vegas hotel window, it didn’t feel real.

From fighting on stage,
to cameras seeking that "star" personality,
to broken and pounding hearts,
to rising tension between key players.

We were all puppets waiting for the next move.

My whole body was sore and my mind incredibly weak.
Tired red eyes and blotchy bruises.
I wanted the torture. I asked for it.
I lived for it.

Apparently, I'm addicted to exquisite pain.

Looking out into the horizon, searching for answers.
I begged for strength, humbleness, and courage.
Instead of fame, I prayed for personal success.

I had already won.

An instant energy rushed through me.
My weak bones, sore mind, and negative thoughts vanished.
The plan had ultimately worked.

THIS is what life is about.

It's not about winning or losing.
It's about living and learning.
And knowing where to make your next risky move.

This world is real.
I've accepted the brutal yet exhilerating truth.
Nothing can stop me now.

My heart goes out to the several genuises that didn't make the cut.
Keep doing what you do - your brilliant.
Oh yeah...and you CAN dance;)


ChrisDivina said...

Oh Jae... once again... amazing!!! I love it... the beautiful yet harsh reality & your compassion. Can't wait to see you... I truly truly miss you!!!!

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