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Friday, January 11, 2008

JLC Life Lessons of a dancer 2008

Just some of the things dance has taught me over the years.........
If you fall, get yo ass back up! Patience is a Virtue. Everyone is a Star. Freedom. Self-expression. Power. How to rock a crowd with my soul. Everything is movement. Dont give up. Be REAL. Know thyself. We have to dream. How to meditate with nothing but my breath and a smile on my face. There are no rules. How to raise the roof. How to radiate. That I have several alter egos. Simplicity is key. Broken bones doesnt have to mean a broken heart. Preparation is everything. That life isnt a race afterall. Nothing is what it seems. How to truly listen to my heart. Imagination. Compassion. Artistry. Im addicted to exquisite pain. Hollywood is more than a place -- its a state of mind. Dance to your OWN Rhythym. Fly.Believe. Rejection is a part of life. That there are no problems..just opportunities. How to be better every day. How to effectively utilize my superpowers. Fire. Fearless. Brilliance. I dont need any more FREE exposure (Thanks but no thanks) Always Always Always be grateful. That a phone call can ultimately transform your life. Expect the unexpected. It's a Hard Knock life. Preserverance. Out-of-body experiences. How to battle. Give 101%. That I don't have to let others define me. I can create. It's the journey and not the outcome that matters the most. Trust your Gut. Red Curtain reveals are life-changing. I'm never alone. Practice makes close to perfect. Dreams DO come true. Magic. Destiny. Anything is Possible. The meaning of love. Without dance, I wouldn't be me. JLC.

2008 baby!!! Lets DO IT.

2008 baby!!! Lets DO IT.


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