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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No that's not ME on "Dance Wars"

I'm doomed.

I guess every time there is that ONE petite Filipino-looking performer on a reality dance show nowadays, everyone will presume it is me. Not like I've dominated the reality dance show world or anything. lol. I'm officially retired people....well maybe;) Who really knows...although I must admit that "Making it Big" and "So you think you can dance" were both amazing experiences. Well to set the record straight, I have not shot any episodes of "Dance Wars." Best of luck to the young lady 'Mariel' though!

The new ABC show "Dance Wars" showcases "Dancing with the Stars" judges 'Carrie Ann Inaba' and 'Bruno Tonilio' as they self-pick two dance teams to battle it out on the dance floor every week. For six weeks, audiences can call in and vote for who they think is the best team. The captain of each team then selects a member of their team to go home. After a six week competition, a final dance and singing group is made and given an 'opportunity of a lifetime.' (according to the TV networks of course).

The number of these dance reality TV shows are definitley increasing. Many people ask me if I think this is a "good thing". I think it's great that dance is recieving so much more exposure from these type of shows. However, I also hold worries of showcasing a lack of artistic and hard-earned talent, along with the over-exploiting of performer's dreams to 'make it' in the industry. It's less about the talent but who has the best sap story, conventional looks, and holds mainstream popularity. It's no wonder that TV networks make billions of money a year. Their formula continously works.

It seems that any new amateur can now come on the scene and become a "TV Star" while truely gifted artists who have been in the game for a long time continue to hustle and grind to book the next audition just so they can pay rent. In my opinion, the lack of quality and creativity in the choreography, singing, and dancing in this particular show is quite low. They try to bring the drama but for some reason, I see right through it. Maybe it's because I've already been behind the camera to see what really goes on, maybe because I believe it takes YEARS of training, auditions, and preserverance before you really deserve to 'make it' in this cut throat industry. Or maybe I hold TALENT at the top of my list.

Nevertheless, the shows brings more attention to the dance world and showcases at least some of the realities we dancers face. ("This is our life on that stage!" SYTYCD constestant). Just remember while watching to always have your 'thinking caps' on. The mass media only shows you what THEY want to show you. It is not a clear representation of what REALLY is going on. I'm sure there are several young, talented, Asian female perfomers out there, but for the sake of 'diversity', only one can be showcased on TV. And this ain't me.


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