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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol: Season 7's TOP 12

Okay so I’ve never been too much of a fan of this show nor have I ever really sat through a full episode of the finalists performing. (Although I must admit some of the audition episodes are sadly entertaining.) I actually sat with fam and watched it yesterday and one word...well the one word that was pretty prevelant with the judges throughout the night. BORING. BOORRRRINNNNGG. performance really struck me. All the contestants played it pretty safe in my opinion.

If there’s anyone I was rooting for, it’s the young kid David. He is so cute and so darn innocent(poor little thing). Last night, he was waaay too nervous though and like Simon said, it was pretty much a “mess”. I wanted to go in and shake the kid up so he could get rid of his nerves. It’s all pretty overwhelming for him at his age, however, I see him going far because he’s got his young girl fan base lined up. And on American Idol, that could very well get you that record deal you’ve always dreamed of. Kid’s got talent but take some deep breaths before you hit the lit stage and the one row of screaming fans.

Really, the most entertaining thing on the show was Simon. Oh and I agree with all of SIMON’s comments. He says it like IT IS. Simon and me. And your white button down shirt that revealed just a little too much sun-burnt red skin there...oh GOSH. Gotta love live television!


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