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Saturday, July 26, 2008

10 Reaons why I love and hate LONDON

To reasons why I hate London:
10. Smelly armpits and sardine squishing on the tube
9. British Reserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Knowing that every day I have to carry an umbrella 'just in case..' and moreso, than not, it usually IS the case
7. The term New Style Hip hop.
6. Poor customer service in bars, restaurants, shops, transportation sites. I really don't want to be giving you a headache when I ask you for service. Thanks.
5. The pork, sausages, ham, and other highly heavy foods stacked in the markets
4. Grey
3. That there's a pub on every block. (For most, this is a dream come true, but considering I'm not trying to drink too much...)
2. EXPENSIVE British pound
1. Hmmmm...okay can't seem to think of another one. I guess that makes it 9 things:)

10 reasons why I love London:
10. The green space from Soho Square, to Hyde Park, to Victoria Embankment Gardens
9. The mix of old and new, suits and sweats, black and white. Because anything goes, the fasades are few. True goths, to skateboarders, to business men, to high-fashion women, to funky youths expressing themselves
8. Red double decker buses and red telephone booths
7. Bridges and cobblestone paths
6. British accents, proper diction - what have I BEEN speaking all these years?
5. The versatile use of the word 'CHEERS'
4. The amount of free museums, art galleries, and festivals. There's ALWAYS something happening that won't burn your pocket
3. The accessibility to the rest of UK and Europe
2. The fact that everone is reading a paper, novel, magazine or any other reading material. The British are definitley well-read, smart individuals.
1. The fact that you'll never see it all.


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