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Monday, July 14, 2008

The week in REVIEW

So I woke up this morning and was ready to start another exciting and challenging week when I realized, Damn..let me take a minute to just review what i've done last week.

The beginning of the week, I experienced some major martial art tutting in class. IT truly is something to become a MASTER at something. The next day, I choreographed with my partner in my flat staring out the window of inspiration then headed over to watch a play called 'TORN' which was about simple love that is beyond reality. Deep.

On Wednesday, it literally rained all day. From morning to evening we trotted around with our umbrellas. I shouted out 'I LOVE this Weather!!' every moment just for the sheer pleasure of awkward British people's reactions. Me and Pete Francis taught our first jazz funk class together at Pineapple and left the dancers in frantic sweat. NUTS. It was just nuts. We've opened their eyes to the real deal. Get with it y'all. After celebrating our success at Wagamama's, we headed over to the Royal Opera House for a ballet class. The building and studio is absolutely breathtaking and there I was doing plies at the barre where the best of the best rehearse. After ballet, it was off to weatherspoons for a glass of wine and preparation for our underground nightclub scene where we'd hit the dancefloor. Freestyling to hip hop, house, and any other movement in between, it was a night where anything goes. Luckily when we stepped out of the club, the rain had finally stopped.

The rest of the week was full of summer backyard bbq's, brushing up the skills of local dancers, buying a new camera because mine gave up on me, shooting a music video for an edgey Swedish pop artist, walking through Borough Market discovering cheese the size of me, and sampling some of the most flavourful food. 'How can this little thing have so much flava?!?!'

And to think I was going to start the week without doing a review. Ah, I feel refreshed, grateful, and excited to begin another adventurous week!


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