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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank you to Catalyst Bootcampers!


It all starts with a DREAM.

I used to never believe that ANYTHING is TRULY POSSIBLE. But on my journey it seems that the more I dream, the more I share, the more I DO, the more the universe gives back and the dream unfolds.

The dream was beyond body activation but mind and soul stimulation. If certain circumstances didn't take place in the last year, Catalyst Bootcamp would have still been mere fantasy.

Thank you to everyone that came out last weekend and participated whether you were a dancer, a teacher, a volunteer, an observer...your energy and positivity were noticed and imprinted for life.

To my amazing Catalysts...Natasha and Marj..for believing in the dream and making it POSSIBLE.

Look out for more Catalyst, videos, testimonials to be uploaded soon!!!


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