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Thursday, October 2, 2008

There's HOPE for SYTYCD Canada

For last night's TOP 20 episode, I actually was able to sit through the 2 hr episode without having to turn the tube off and start choreographing my own routine in the other room. The judges have picked up in their ability to make the show more exciting. However, still present are the smiley, courteous dancers (“Thank you for this opportunity!"). I seriously want one of them to throw a major tantrum or something just to reveal some obnoxious, competitive fire I know is in there blood. Maybe that will happen after a few episodes and candidates will realize this will be a fun, dramatic way to spice things up in the Canadian Show. Matter fact, why not pay someone to do it?

Now having been a finalist on the SYTYD USA show, I know what it feels like to be stepping forward in front of the judges waiting to hear the verdict. Talk about STRESS. The whole world stops, your heart is ripped out of it’s socket and layed out on the stage for the world to see. Then it feels like everything goes in slow motion. You blink, gulp, exhale to make sure your still conscious, your knees give in, blink twice again, your positive that someone will need to call 911 very soon. What feels like 100 years is really 3 seconds, and the judges say what’s on their mind. Then your either jumping in celebration or attempting to keep your head up and tears back while the cameras blind your way to backstage.

Dancers are a different breed all together. There's no doubt about that. We love sweat; we’re incredibly passionate; we're dreamers; we believe that our every movement can lead to a better world; we think and converse in '5, 6, 7, 8’s or 'boom ka boom ka ka yeah uh huh'; we're courageous fighters that don't give up. We don't mind hearing a million NO's because that just means that we're closer to that ultimate YES. Our world transforms and our dreams come true.

My heart goes out to all the dancers, those who made top 20 and those who didn't. Remember it's about showing up and playing the game. I wish all the dancers the best of luck. Show Canada what we’re made of and a few punches and kicks wouldn't hurt either;)


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