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Friday, November 7, 2008

MuchMusic Show DISBAND

Hey my party people!!

Check out Much Music Show "DISBAND" that I appeared on last week. Below is the link. It is also airing NOVEMBER 11th at 3:00PM.

What can I say about the duo KARAMEL? Let's just say I would have needed 1 whole week instead of 3 sad hrs to work with these girls!! They've still got a WAYS to go to becoming professional and understanding how the industry works.

My personal suggestion is that they SHOULD have used the song produced and written by 'KUYA', which had much more of a fun, pop flair to it. (This was the cute song I was originally preparing them for). I'm positive that song would have made a different impression on the judges. The movement and performance would thus reflect the fun energy of the song! But they made their final decision to go "Sugarfree". And instead of sugar, they got sour. Even though this isn't Canadian Idol or anything, KARAMEL and their manager would be smart enough to take away at least some of the judges advice.

Nevertheless, DISBAND makes for some FUN TV! (including my interesting facial expressions) lol. ENJOY!!!


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