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Sunday, December 7, 2008

And the SYTYCD Winner goes to...


I called it from DAY 1.

I actually remember Nico from when I was assisting Chonique Sneed (LA Choreographer) at Monsters of Hip Hop Convention last year. He stood out and after the class, he came up and sincerely thanked us while curious about where else we were teaching. I know this may be difficult to grasp, but I honestly don't really remember what he looked like, but what stuck was how humble and passionate this unique dancer was. I thought to myself, 'This one is going places'

There's not much more to say here about the finale show other than I wish they had a special guest performance to break up the show. There's only so much angel feathers, shimmy shimmy hip shaking, dramatic whipping and throwing, smooching and tears that I can take in a 2hr episode.

SYTYCD Season 1 has offically gone down in history everyone. Alright Canada...let's get on that map already! It has been proven we have brilliant talent here so let's put it to use.

My mission is to make sure we do.



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