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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shhhh....Silence Book Club

While strolling with a friend yesterday through COLES, she excitedly reached into her purse and handed me two beautiful journals. Imprinted on the cover were the rhythm of words that sang a wonderful melody. I hugged her and appreciated her generosity.

She then insisted that I should read the "EAT PRAY LOVE" Book. Coming across it in the past, I agreed it would be nice.

We proceeded outside and got comfortable on a leather couch. We exchanged ideas. I threw my head back in inspiration and she laughed hysterically. "Why NOT?" I exclaimed. The never touched journal opend up and I scribbled the words "SHHhhh..SILENCE BOOK CLUB." That was it. "Why NOT?"

Its a mysteriously strange but beautiful thing when two people come together, exchange ideas, and create something new. "Why NOT"?

And so introducing BOOK #1..


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