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Friday, January 2, 2009

The year I wore Dorothy's red ruby shoes

Is 2008 really gone?

As I rode in downtown on the Go Transit this morning, the world rapidly passed by. Feelings crept up and instantly the year flashed by me in the form of a photolog.

2008 is the year...

the Hollywood sign unexpectedly electricuted me; I traded in the American dollar for the British pound; wine drinking in the park after dance classes became the norm; singing in the rain was an uplifting experience; Catalyst Bootcamp was created; giving back was the theme; LIVING was another; I set a Toronto stage on fire and watched a rookie burn down the house; Paris made me fall inlove; getting lost was comforting; 'Auntie Janet' became words to my ears; romantic chapters were triumphantly closed; I officially rose from the fall.

And so IT IS.

2008 is the year I clicked my sparkley red shoes together, shut my eyes and repeatedly chanted "There's not place like HOME."

Not suprisingly, these red ruby shoes are officially worn out. I'm thinking I can trade them in for a mean pair of designer sneaker heels? Any one know where I can get a pair?


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