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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Art of Auditioning

You stare yourself down in the mirror. You stare at the hundreds of moving, concentrated bodies around you as you mentally create that famaliar invisible circle.

You cannot be touched.

While mimicking the choreographer's moves, you transcend into an extension of his body. Your eyes and ears enlarge as you think about the counts.. the rhythm.. the peculiar way he's moving his body. You want this job...hell you NEED this job not only because your empty bank account says so but because this is your life and you only get one chance at it. You breathe in and although your thrown off by the person's odor beside you, you must remain focused. You've risked everything to be here and there's no time to waste trying to figure everyone else out. Let them figure you out instead.

Your mind is racing and the choreography speeds up and your falling behind. Although sometimes difficult to do, stay completely attentive but in the back of your brain where there's a pocket of room, run-through the parts of the routine your having trouble with to lessen any possible mishaps. Be ready to take it from the top, the middle, or the ending in a split second. You hear the music for the first time and your visualize the movements coinciding with the beats. You further figure out how to tell your story.

What are you intentions? Show intention with everything you do on that darn floor because they are watching and they know. Although you try to block them out of your mind, those scary yet intiuitive people behind the desk are your audience. While watching, staring, studying, and judging you, they desperately want to understand you. Share with them your story and don't give up until they have heard you!!! They may not get it the first time, or second, or never at all...but the least you can do is offer.

Yes..Yes..your getting the routine and your adrenaline is now pumping. You exchange a small nod with your friend in the mirror. They are your friends but they are also your competitors. Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Keep your enemies close.

The choreographer comes around and gives you a number while you pray that your not in the first group. Luckily you aren't and you have time to step aside and go through your performance. You remind yourself of that invisible circle and your transcend into magic, taking risks and forgetting about ever playing it safe. Your number is called and you're ready. Or at least you think you are. Stop questioning yourself and just believe. Believe in your abilities and stay confident in your skin that lies beneath the big hair, hot colored half top, and baggy capris.

It's your time to shine and you've only got one chance.

Don't rush through -- tell your story, breathe, stay hungry, and take moments where they are needed to showcase YOU. Before you can even blink, your done. Your heart is pumping and they are calling the next group in. Then that's it. Your either (hopefully) a YES or (dreadfully) a "Thank you for coming out". OR your number is called again, and you have to do it again. If that happens, the intensity grows as it gradually becomes so close that you can practically taste it. There's no turning back..your on fire and you are going to make this happen whether anyone likes it or not.

You'll be the last one standing.

As an artist auditioning, you have come to book the job, you have come to live your life and most importantly, you have come to make your wildest dreams become reality.


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