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Friday, March 27, 2009

Stay Safe with your Phones

After hearing some terrible news yesterday about a good friend's friend getting fatally struck by a truck while walking across the street on her cell phone, it gave me a serious wake up call to the number of gadgets and technology that are seriously controlling our worlds.

She was a young lady doing what most of us do on a every day basis and take for granted. While driving, we're frantically texting. While walking down the street, we are having a conversation on the phone. While speaking to friends, we are distracted by our ringtone, the red blinking, or the vibrations. Matter of fact, sad to say, but the only time I'm probably not worrying about my blackberry for long periods of time is when I'm working on my craft - when I'm dancing, training, in rehearsals, teaching, or choreographing. No one can distract me then. I'm fully present to the moment. I'm AWARE. I'm careful. I'm paying close attention.

This fatal accident forced a reality check. In a snap of a finger, a life can be lost caused by the almighty blackberry or any other technological gadget that we surrender to at that moment. Without even knowing it, we are controlled and manipulated by them. We can, however, take more control over our actions and re-focus our attention to the world around us.

As I say a prayer for the young lady today, I also say a prayer for all of you to stay safe out there with your phones. Pay close attention especially when you are on the roads and any potentially dangerous locations. There is a whole other world to be seen other than the world in these gadgets. I suggest it's THIS world that we pay close attention to and stay grateful for on a daily basis.



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