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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SuperStardom Baby: Lights, Camera, Action.

The Hollywood Sign.
More than just nine white letters spelling out a city’s name.
It’s the world’s most evocative symbol.
Universal ambition, success, and glamour.
Dazzling place, industry, and dream we call

3 years ago, lured to the city of dreams.
Young, fresh, and untouched.
It got me.
The most addicted drug in the world,
Craving it, fighting it, denying it, feeling it,
Superstardom baby.
Lights, Camera, Action.

Celebrities, parties, intoxication, manipulation.
Shiny and glamorous surfaces and things.
Typecast lines, diamond bling bling.
Hidden behind the dark shades,
Blinded by the lights.
Escape from reality,
You know I can’t handle thee.

Uncontrollable chain reaction.
But you can’t get enough.
That delicious taste may turn sour,
But you still sadly devour.
You live by it.
Damn, they died by it.

Merry-go round and round.
The world can’t stop spinning.
Your high up and then you touch the ground.
You can’t fathom what it would be without
That good old razzle dazzle.
That serious step ball change.
That high you get from her magnificent chains.

Suddenly the ride stops.
Uncomfortable Silence.

Awakening to the dream.
Your heart feels the beam.

Look at me now.
Take your shades off,
And take a good hard look.

Staggering up the Hollywood Hill,
Seeking my final redemption.
It ain’t for everbody.
Is this what I signed up for?

The words echoed in my ear.
“Congratulations, you made it out of HOLLYWOOD alive.”
Thank you to the city of dreams.
Superstardom baby.
Lights, Camera, Action.

It’s about that time.
To proudly raise the T-DOT sign
Way high up in the sky.
Undeniable kats in this city.
It ain’t the place, but the place in your heart.

THIS is what I signed up for.
Craving it, fighting it, denying it, feeling it,
(And LOVING it some more).
Superstardom baby.
Lights, Camera, Action.
We ready for our close-up,
And that serious step ball change.


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