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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hip Hop Class at Dr. Norman Bethune

Yesterday I treked through the dreadful rain and was stuck in major traffic after getting off the wrong exit of the DVP. Obviously I don't travel to East Toronto much! These are the days I wish I had the annoying woman voice from a GPS directing me where to go. It would make life much easier (sigh).

I was booked to teach a hip hop workshop at Dr. Noman Bethune C.I. for an event to help promote wellness and physical activity. I still managed to get an amazing greeting depsite the result of being GPS-deprived. Without another minute to waste, I got right into and started teaching them some basic moves (it's ALL about the GROOVE and FLAVA in hip hop), isolations (take your time with each body part), and then we got into the dance routine. Everyone was having a great time! The energy from the students erased any frustration or stress I had earlier sitting in the drivers seat behind a wet and blurry windshield.

Thank you to everyone that attended. Your patience, energy, and hard work was amazing to see. At your request, I wil hopefullly be back teaching more workshops!!

Some of the girls from the school:


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