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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sad 2009 for the Performing Arts

Due to the economic downturn, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival has put 30 performances on hold, while the National Ballet of Canada has officially cancelled a tour of Western Canada this fall. Although I'll admit, I am not an active member/audience groupie of either, the news still hit home as it displays just how serious 2009 has been for the Performing Arts.

Both critically acclaimed performances in Canada, it disheartens me that both art groups are suffering from a loss of revenue. At the same time, it is also not surprising that tickets sales and endowments are down. You would think that we would want to escape our realities and occupy our time with these fantastic, lavish shows, but, who is willing to dig into their pockets that are empty anyway? The money has already been put to our most basic survival needs (but who can survive without Ballet or Shakespere? Hmmm...)

Although the rest of this year is looking quite grim for the performing arts, we continue to remain hopeful that we will get out of this wreckage. After some patient restructuring and a whole lot of prayers, audiences will be get back in those seats to 'ooh and awww' at not only the pink tutus, but ideally the rest of the brilliant performances the city has to offer.


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