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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael's Magic and Freedom

Michael Jackson has changed lives.

From being the most courageous and selfless person in entertainment, he did it all for everyone else - to inspire them, touch them, entertain them, love them, challenge them, stimulate them. He shared every inch of his soul to the world. On stage, he showed the world the essence of true magic and freedom.

And now he is unbelievably gone.

It is our duty now. It is our time. As entertainers and artists, we are called upon to step up and carry on his legacy. We must create the next revolution. Increasingly, I feel compelled to show and share with the world everything about art, dance, movement, music, love, magic, and what can happen when the spotlight hits.

Yesterday, I danced with my company CATALYST and it was the first time in many months that I have hit a stage to perform. And for the performance to be live, in my hometown, and our own creation, made it unlike any other experience. From the moment the spotlight shined, we breathed together as a group and I felt the audience willingly journey with us from beginning to end.

Just like Michael, we get on that stage for you. To entertain you and to leave a part of us with you. That human part, that potential, that secret. And just like Michael, we do it out of love - not for ourselves, but for you in the hopes that you will feel that same undeniable magic and freedom.

May you now rest in peace Michael. It was your time. You are saved and your legacy will live on in our hearts forever.


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