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Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer has Arrived!!!

I know it's not the official first day of summer but IT IS hands down, the most beautiful day of 2009 in the city!! Who's ready for some patios, summer dresses, outdoor concerts, dance shows, pool paries, and lots and lots of ice cream? Mmmmm...

As I took in the rays today, I realized that this will be my first summer in Toronto since 2004. (Last year was speaking British in London, England. The year before was taking in Malibu Beach in LA. The year before was acting as "KIM" on stages across America. And the year before was getting settled in LA). WOW!! Time to celebrate and indulge in the Toronto lifestyle once and for all.

Wait...maybe I need to take a trip to Hawaii or something?! Lol.

See you on the streets or a stage somewhere.


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