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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beyonce Concert on Fire

Reminiscing the "Crazy In Love" choreography I mastered at Broadway Dance Center, I thought, "This Beyonce is setting the world on fire!" At her Toronto concert, I finally got a taste of her LIVE IN ACTION. She was nothing short of her infamous
over-the top, glamorous, and fearless self who commanded the stage. Her fan-blowing mane tangled into a futuristic vibe immediately got the audience on their feet. The set design and lighting were spectacular.

For me, her hits were "Single Ladies", "Halo" and of course 'Crazy in Love". Watching them like a hawk, her dancers didn't miss a mark. Musically, the rest or her songs didn't stand out, but the energizing performance of Sasha Fierce seemed to make up for them. When the atmosphere needed to be softer for her ballads, I actually found it difficult to connect? She also sang a number of cover songs which both surprised and confused me. (Perhaps we are just content with seeing Sasha all the time?)

Everything was perfectly staged right down to some of her moments following heavy dance numbers. With the spotlight on her, she would pause and start smiling and laughing in response to the audience uproar. Let's just say when Miss Jackson did it, it felt 101% authentic.

Her Michael Jackson tribute got me emotional as I watched her up and close after sneaking my way to the very front of the stage. Her performance initiated tear drops for many.

All in all, Beyonce did her job in setting the place on fire with her star-studded extravagenza. Dancing frantically in my row with urges to jump on the stage, everyone was feeling brave, unstoppable, and invinsible as they sang along and moved wildly. There is most certainly a “BEYONCE” diva in everyone out there. Just make sure to buy yourself a big fan because it just wouldn't be the same without it.


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