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Thursday, July 2, 2009

NKOTB: After the show is the afterparty

NKOTB came back into town about a week ago to perform their last show in Toronto. I got to catch the show again courtesy of my amazing friend Lorena who has been dancing on their tour from the beginning. (8th row is always a great thing).

It was GIRLS DONE WILD in Molson Amphitheatre! I caught myself every so often letting out a little squel but then it just died down after Jordan would sing off key. Love NKOTB, but their time is definitley coming to an end. From being involved when they first started the tour, I witnessed major show changes and how it didn't seem as exciting as I remembered.

After the show is always the afterparty. We headed in a limo to C Lounge where we entered the VIP section with Danny, Donny, the dancers, and the Jabbawockeez. Cameras flashed, ladies screamed, hearts melted, and eyes widened as I sipped on my greygoose, caught up with old and new friends, nodded my head and did a little dance.

Next stop. Fluid Lounge. We headed in and it was packed!! Everyone was smushed in like a bunch of sardines and we were escorted to yet another VIP section. I held on tightly to my friend's hand as we barged through the crowd. NKOTB were no joke in this city!! Women threw themselves at them as I leaned up against the wall in awe as to just how crazy everyone was getting. The air was hot and sweaty as Donny yelled in the mic and continued to hype everyone up.

The night continued on and soon it was a wrap. We said our farewells, wished the crew the best on the last leg of the tour and we were off! I was completely satisfied with my NKOTB fix.

Till the next Afterparty...


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