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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"This Woman's Work" by Ade and Melissa

From all my history of SYTYCD watching, this is the ONLY piece that had me in tears.

Woman and men, young and old, were weeping all over the nation yesterday as Ade and Melissa from SYTYCD magically moved to “This Womans’ Work” choreographed by Tyce Diorio. I did not even know what I was in for. But from Maxwell’s opening cry, to Melissa’s bandana-covered head as Ade lifted her up, the piece literally transformed lives.

Melissa stood correct when she said this dance wasn’t at all about the moves but everything behind the moves. Her maturity shined through as she courageously threw herself into Ade’s arms without hesitation or fear. What replaced it was sincere love and ultimate knowing. Ade hit every mark and consistently carried her through. Together, they soared to new heights.

To shed light on such a serious matter and to show it wonderfully through movement is one of the main reasons dance is incredibly powerful. To tell the story honestly is a magnificent task and last night, Ade and Melissa revealed to the world they were more than capable of doing just that.

Some people say that dance is dying and that everyone is doing the same thing over and over again. This piece is proof that dance is ALIVE and our work is never done. As an artform, it will continue to evolve and transform so long as the world continues to fight battles, feed the hunger, elect presidents, chase dreams, and give birth.

The challenge then lies in being able to tell the truth each and every time.


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