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Sunday, October 4, 2009

FAME is NOT going to live forever

So I've been holding off on whether or not I was going to rant on my FAME screening experience for the very fact that I didn't know it was even worth my time to talk about horrible the movie was. But I thought I'd save some of you from your misery.

Here are some of the reasons why I thought the FAME re-make was a complete flop:

*the shots were making my head spin
*there was practically no dancing except for two dance numbers that made me dry
*the transitions and cuts were disconnected and lacked fluiditiy
*the characters were underdeveloped and I didnt even know what half of them were even fighting for
*there was no closure to any of the characters' obstacles. (Why is there always an angry black dad and an angry black mom screaming at their children about how they are never going to make it?!?)
*Kherington Payne made my eyelids glaze over
*the cafeteria dance number did not make me jump out of my seat
*the topics covered lacked the serious topics and issues relevant going on TODAY (The original FAME covered the grit, the grim, the realities of what was going on during that particular time period)
*all the actors looked "Hollywood-perfect". (What happened to the musical geek character, the super skinny anorexic chick, the over-the-top drama nuinsance? Come on's a NYC performing arts high school, not Barbizon)
*the fact that there were some pretty good actors in it but the screenplay gave them nothing to work with
*too many (unecessary) MTV special effects
*the half-ass ending that made you think the crew missed the deadline and ran out of time to complete the darn movie
*After the movie, I did NOT want to live forever. I was in between wanting to go to sleep and throwing popcorn at the screen.

I am a HUGE fan of the original FAME so don't bring the world a re-invention unless it can top or even come close to matching the original. Excuse my ranting, but I'm simply tired of musicals nowadays that lack the quality of brilliant story-telling while trying to throw some song and dance in the mix. Musicals have come alive in the past, why can't it be done again today? That is, with or without the MTV special effects.


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