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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toronto Life: City of Ideas

Even though I've lived in Toronto (ahhheeem...suburb) since birth, I've never been inclined to purchase a TORONTO LIFE magazine. Sure, I flipped through it on my daily run to Chapters, but this time I decided to actually take one home for keeps. I actually felt a little partriotic when the cash register chimed and I proudly took it with me out the store.

In the magazine there is a first ever IDEAS package inside which feature's 25 of the most world-changing ideas from some of the smartest Torontonians. The ideas that have been invented ranged from a robot with feelings, a mind-reading machine (I get first dips), the fast-track divorce, the parking spot finder, sunglasses that prevent stress (do they come in purple?), to a Hollywood movie on a $500 budget (ON IT).

Flipping the pages, I was darn proud of these brillant inventors squirming around in the city and allowing us to see glimpses of the future that lies ahead. It's a good short read and entices you to start storming up your own new inventions.

Hmmm... How about heated thermal jeans? A shop that carries 'JUST PIES', a toxin that omits terrible memories, a key-finding beeper, a computerized dress-up closet, a smart car that can zip through traffic. Try never know, you might very well come up with the next hit creation. Ah, let the wheels turn.


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