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Monday, June 28, 2010

When's the last time you heard someone say "I'm Bored!"

In a society where it seems every corner we turn, we are flooded with entertainment and technology screaming at us, we are reckoned to endlessly interact.

We blindly sprint on the manic disney world chase.

After texting on our smartphones, checking facebook 10 times, updating our twitter and myspace pages, purchasing the newest item on, downloading the pictures on our camera, playing a quick video game, and checking out YOUTUBE for Lady Gaga's new video, when is the last time you heard someone say "I'm bored."

At the end of the day, we barely have any time for our own thoughts because the LOL and the OMG's have crowded our brain space and of course, we don't mind. Why should we? We feel connected as we vigourously click away with our virutal smiles.

Technological advancements are here to stay and will continue to rapidly grow. Stay up on the curve and polish those personal websites will you?

The only advice I have beyond making sure your latest profile image is photoshopped to look like a Vogue Magazine, is to take some time to Daydream.

When we were bored in the past and could not reach for an electronic device to fill our uncomfortable needs, we simply sat and used our imaginations soaring to places unknown to humankind.

So go ahead, fling that smartphone to the floor (well maybe place it nicely on your bed) and take a moment to daydream today. And I guess the most obvious thing to do after that is post it on your blog or facebook page and cross your fingers that you'll recieve comments. lol.

Time for my daily daydream.


Erin said...

Awesome post, J... and what fantastic advice. I'm gonna turn off all my electronic gadgets and do something completely non-digital this evening. Keep up the blogging - and the daydreaming! *heart* Erin

Natasha said...

I've been bored for a few weeks now. I've started to catch myself daydreaming...let's see what happens...

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