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Friday, August 13, 2010

Why choose?

Just touched down from my short-lived trip in the OC and LA.

Cruising down the streets, memories flooded in and a pulsating energy rippled through my body like never before. In that same instance, I realized just how much I miss LA but how happy I am to be based in the ever-growing city of Toronto.

From a Newport Beach garden wedding, to imprinting my footprints on the carpets in the W Hotel, to taking a meeting with Jim Keith at the Movement Management, to Lola happy hour with the girls, to listening in on some music sessions with new girl group Queen of Hearts, reuniting with writers Jimmy and RaVaughn and KUYA, to vodka tonics at SLS Hotel with hit writer for Justin Beiber and Girlicious August Rigo, to driving a buggie in Santa Barbara with the one and only Chonique Sneed....the trip certainly filled my appetite.

Leaving the airport, I figure why do I really need to choose?

Home is Toronto. My soul lives in NYC. My body lives in LA. My mind lives in London. I love all these places because of the abundance of beautiful people, culture, and history exposed first-hand and gosh darn, they are not going anywhere.

Although evolution is a must, the fast paced, larger-than-life attitudes in NYC, the artistic style and history in London, to the sandy beaches and sunglasses hustlas in LA will always be there to greet me when I touch down for another task on the mission.

Although I'm thinking about spreading my body parts even further as I curiously spin my magic globe..


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