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Friday, June 8, 2012


Live the life you've dreamed of.

It sounds very simple but very few can actually do this in their own lives. The secret? Don't settle for less. Keep the vision of the life you want in your mind at all times and continue down that path and only that path. Stay focused on your mission and don't waver when life seems to be taking you in a new, unchartered direction.

Everything that has happened in my life, I have at some point created in my imagination. When it shows up, I'm consistently taken back and in awe because it always amazes me that something that has started as a little seed in my mind has flourished into reality. From moving to the Big Apple, to landing my first job at the Latin Grammy's in Los Angeles, to teaching in London, England, to starting up my own dance company. They all started with a small vision within the fantasy life that I dreamed of.

Today, take the time to look around at the life you have created and take careful note of the things you like and those that you can easily live without. Even though it doesn't feel like it at times, you have the power to get rid of those things that cloud and blur your ultimate vision. No one else is stopping you except yourself.

For the things you do enjoy in your life, rejoice, be grateful, and give these things room to blossom and grow. Allow them to reach their full magnitude so that it becomes the only way for you to live.

Jump higher. Live Stronger. Stay longer.

In order to live the life you've dreamed of, you need to be in it for the long-run and be willing to open your hearts to the life that is waiting for you.

It starts with a small little vision.

Go ahead and set your mind free and I guarantee you'll be surprised at what you can create.


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