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Monday, June 25, 2012

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS: Small steps lead to BIG leaps

"Not every move you make has to be a great leap" Russell Simmons 

The last few weeks I've been talking to a lot of friends and colleagues about their life's work and how they crave all these magnificent things but are caught in a rut.  And then I ask them what they feel their life mission is.  Once they reveal that, I then ask "What are some things you are doing TODAY to fulfill your mission?"  They always pause for a minute, are a little struck by the simplicity of my question, and then exhale and know where I'm going with this.

Call us idealists, dreamers if you wish, but we see this greater place for ourselves, our communities, and the world and although it is necessary to visualize and see that place that propels us forward, we must always come back to TODAY and ask ourselves in small ways, how can we fulfill our mission?  Sometimes we get so caught up in the bigger picture that we lose focus on what's right in front of us.  If your mission is to serve then how have you served today?  If your mission is to keep learning, what is something new that you learnt today?

In dance, it's so important to understand and learn the plie before we execute a grand jete (leap).  We sometimes want to forge ahead so quickly that we wonder why we're frustrated and unfulfilled?! It's because all the small steps are just as relevant and necessary than the larger ones and we often miscalculate.  As a result, we get stuck.

Below are some tips on how to work on the small steps:

1.  Once you've written down your life's mission statement (ie. to serve and help others), jot down three action steps you will take today that will fulfill your mission (ie. spend time or call up someone in need, open the door for a stranger, ask your friends if they need any extra help with anything this week)

2. Practice, practice. Stay consistent with #1 and continue to expand and build on these steps as they are your foundation.

3. Track (and even keep a journal) of how each step made you feel and notice if it's the same 'feeling' you experience when your in 'your zone.'

4. Acknowledge and congratulate yourself.  This one I know I don't do enough of but go ahead and acknowledge the small steps you've taken and don't just wait for the grand moment to do this.  Just like on the stage, every step counts so take time to give yourself positive feedback.

Good luck! Please fell free to share any other tips you have on using the small steps!


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