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Friday, June 1, 2012

RECAP of Much Music NML Best Dance Crew

I love dance. PERIOD. Doing it. Watching it. Creating it.  Living it. Feeling it. 

The last few weeks I’ve been blessed to have the experience of judging Much Music’s NML Best Dance Crew and it was been quite the ride to say the least.  Shout out to my fellow resident judge Lenny Len for going in with me week after week to offer an experienced dance voice to the crews stepping up to the challenge. Also on the panel are our guest celebrity judges Danny FernandesKreesha TurnerVictoria DuffieldAleesiaJRDNKeisha Chante, and dub-step dancer Marquese Scott. 

We’ve seen some groups fall under the pressure, others just made it through, while some crews completely smashed the stage. The dancers always offered us something different and to see the city’s talent represent their crews to the fullest really does say something about the path we are on as dancers, movers, and artists.  It's a beautiful thing. 

As much as I’m a “judge” on the show, I’ll admit it’s sometimes difficult to judge because I don’t believe you can judge someone’s talent – it is such a subjective thing.  There’s no good or bad art, there is just art.  For me, the real beauty of art is measured by the ability to deliver a true, authentic expression of the human experience.  If this magic happens, then nothing can touch it.  True expression never goes out of style and any television screen can't lie. 

That being said, it IS my job to take a good look at the performances and offer an accountable critique.  Here are some of the things I've been keeping my eyes open for thus far:  

Creativity - Unique, out-of-the-box, never-seen-before action, innovation 

Teamwork - Dance “CREW" - working as a team, breathing together, sisterhood/brotherhood, group support and power 

Seamless - Well-thought out, smooth, sections weaving together effortlessly, purpose-driven movement 

Journey - Take me on one. Trust artists can take you places you’ve never been before.  Does it start strong, deliver a climax, and leave you wanting more at the end? 

Intrigue - Unpredictable, mysterious, wild card, sexy 

Passion and Energy - The heart is the most powerful part of the body so if you can connect and transmit your love for dance truthfully to an audience ... you've got my vote. 

From wild cards, to ninjas, to bboys, to sexy ladies, to geeks, to gentlemen, to mathematicians...A huge SHOUT OUT to all the groups that have participated thus far!   You've each delivered something special and remember that this competition, win or lose, is a stepping stone to even greater success.  Don't let television or any show define you and your crew's success.  The industry is fickle but allow your craft to be everlasting. The future is bright for all of you as long as you keep going.  It's as simple as that.  KEEP GOING. 

Only ONE more round to go until Battle Royale next week!!  I don't want it to stop so go and raid Much Music NML and tell them you want MORE! ;)

Tune in TODAY at 6pm to see the last round of battles before we pick the final 4 next week!  Good luck to all crews and see you on the stage. 


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