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Friday, July 13, 2012


Below is a guest blog by the Toronto talented dancer and choreographer Kay-Ann Ward, who has been shaking up the scene the last few years. Here she talks about her event Night of Essence, it's history, and the importance of not only having a vision, but taking action, and moving it forward. Our dance company Catalyst performed in the showcase one year and it was a great experience and we're glad to have been part of it's beginnings.

Check it out the goods this Sunday and support your Toronto artists! Congrats Kay-Ann and team!

Night of Essence is just around the corner, and with any major event comes lots of planning, a great team and of course a vision.

And it's that vision that keeps us moving forward, it's the vision of having a showcase that celebrates the arts, a showcase that is a night out, it's a night that can be enjoyed by the single person, the couple, the wild party lovers, and the artist.

That is one of the many reasons Night of Essence was created.

To give you the history will be a little boring, so here are some cool facts about the show and where it's going.

2009: I created the Alter Ego Cabaret Show; this show was the 1st of its kind in Toronto, 7 female dancers performed in an interactive show at the Gladstone hotel. It was sexy, it was fun, it was for the mature audience and nothing was left off limits.

2010: Based off the same dance and entertainment concept of The Alter Ego, Night of Essence was created.

2011: the first Night of Essence showcase took place at 6 Degrees event venue, the theme was “She Rocks” we had over 50 performers in the show. This included singers, comedians, rappers, dancers, and choreographers. All the work created was by ladies.

2012: LaToya Robinson aka MsToya came on board as co producer and co-director of Night of Essence. MsToya and I are founders of Dance Xpression so it's awesome to be working with her on this, plus it doesn't hurt that we are both nut cases in disguise lol. This year we left the theme open, so that all the artist can showcase what they want, we welcomed both male and female artist. We have visual artist, singers, rapper, pole dancer, and choreographers/dancers involved in this show.

The show is taking place at The Great Hall on Sunday, July 15th.

Future plans: We have lots planned for the showcase, we can't give it away but we are excited for what's in store. We plan on listening to the performers and the audience so that we can make sure we give them what they want. This show is for them. The goal is to make the show better every year.

This is the 2nd show and people are getting familiar with it, plus the performers are coming back to perform which is a good thing.

Our host Shannon Boodram is amazing, her ability to make people feel comfortable while they do outrageous things is just amazing, maybe it's because she's just as silly herself.

We really want the audience to be part of the show, so they are included as much as possible. There isn't a barrier between the performer and audience; if dancers want to go out in the audience then they can do that.

We want to keep the night classy, so dress code is enforced we want the ladies and gents to come out looking and feeling good.

Music selection is also important, we want people to dance. The dance floor is open for everyone. Plus they will have enough time to do so before they start to think it is too late to be out on a Sunday night.

The music that will be played is universal, its dance music, it's for everyone to move to.

All in all, it’s going to be great. And we can’t wait to share it with the city. for more information and to get your tickets


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