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Monday, July 30, 2012

Motivational Mondays: Don't worry about the HOW, commit to the WHY..

I tell ya when you commit to something and you state it as a powerful intention, the universe has no choice but to grant you your wish.  I have been wanting to take my girls' Lisette and Chonique's Creating Opportunities program since they first initiated it at few years back.  At the top of 2012, I stated that I WILL take it this year and will be part of the ever-growing, inspirational Elite Team.

I distinctly remember sitting in my parked car, trying to pull myself out of one of those "what am I doing with my life anyway???!!!!"-kinda-days (you ALLL know what I'm talking about) and was slowly sinking lower and lower into my seat when an email came into my mailbox reading "HELLO FUTURE ELITE TEAM LEADERS/COACHES!!!:)" I immediately sat up, eyes open, and read the rest of the email as my heart pounded in ecstatic hope.  Guaranteed, I was the first person to respond "YES, I'm in!!!!"  In that very moment, I didn't think about how I was going to get there, how much money I needed, how I will have to take days of work, how

I was purely focused on the WHY.  Why I wanted to go, why it was so important, why I was committed..

I find that a lot of people focus too much on the HOW when first making an important decision.  By taking this approach, it can immediately deter you completely from even starting.  You become bombarded with questions that get you nowhere fast.  However, if you focus on the WHY, this will propel you forward in an instant, and the HOW eventually presents itself to you in it's own magical way.  If the WHY has incredible power and weight attached to it, you will make it happen.

So because I've focused on the dominant WHY, I'm now heading to Tulum, Mexico next week to connect with like-minded, inspiring dancers and choreographers that are creating their own opportunities.  I'm super excited to experience some breakthroughs and furthermore, carry the unique program across the border back to Canada where more elite team and leaders can experience the genius behind their own moves.


Latosha Tulloch said...

I was praying about my purpose in life wondering how do I know if having a career as an performing artist(singer) is what Jesus wants me to do? Is it even him telling me to do it in the first place?

Shortly after, Jesus answered me saying "Dont focus on the how" which brought so much peace to my soul. So I looked up "dont worry about the how" and your blog was the first to come up. After reading it I was laughing and believing as if I just wasn't doubting a few minutes ago.

You are right "By taking the HOW approach, it can immediately deter me completely from even starting." I also agree that "if I focus on the WHY, this will propel me forward in an instant, and the HOW eventually presents itself to me in it's own magical way."

Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. I really appreciate it. May God continue to bless you!

How was your trip to Tulum, Mexico? :)


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