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Monday, July 9, 2012

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS: How bad do you want it?!

I've been watching Eric Thomas, the Hip Hop Preacher and came across his Part II video to his "How bad do you want it" video.  He's an intense and explosive character that gets me going and if you need a serious kick in the butt this Monday morning, I guarantee this will do it.

He forces you to test your limits, your grind, your vow, your life-long commitment, your heart, and makes you believe that you have the power to re-invent yourself at any moment.  But it comes down to how bad you reeeally want it.  "Once you've given it EVERYTHING you've got, you HAVE to take one more step, throw one more punch, run one more lap.  Fight back a little harder. "

Reach the top and be the last one standing today.

In his words, "T.G.I.M." - Thank God it's Monday.  I'm here and and I want it bad this Monday morning. How bad do YOU want it?!?!


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