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Monday, July 23, 2012


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending two great events surrounded by dancers.

The first was Youth Day at Yonge and Dundas Square where I hosted part of the show.  Even though we got rained on, the day still went on and the dancers and artists were in good spirits.  The audience weren't far from the stage when the pouring rain hit the ground and we were forced to put the show on hold.  The wet cloud eventually passed and the audience returned to the stage, wanting to experience more.  Everyone remained positive and all the dancers that hit the stage gave the audience their best performances. Congrats to everyone involved!

Then I was off to the Queen of Hearts music video shoot for their song "Dance 4 Love".  This pumpin' track was set in a (sweltering HOT) dark warehouse where some dope Toronto dance crews were set to bring their A-game. And that they did. When I looked around at all the dancers that were there, practicing, vibin' off each other, working hard and sticking the video through till the very end,  I couldn't help but think how dancers really are some of the hardest working people on this planet. To be a dancer committed to your craft, you learn discipline, respect, worth ethic, and how to be a team player. If your a dancer, consider yourself lucky.

The world can learn much from these young dancers - from how they work, to how they approach life, to how they are not afraid to shine (and BUST) in a cypher. Even though it already felt like a sauna in the warehouse with everyone dripping in sweat, any and all complaints stopped when the dancers hit their first position and the room got ready to see them work their magic.

I am grateful to have been a part of Youth Day and the Queen of Hearts video this weekend.  The dancers reminded me of the kind of special breed we are and why I chose the profession of dance and entertainment in the first place.  Work like a dancer and you'll work your whole life, never fail at anything, and have the stamina and endurance to stick anything through until the end.

And THAT is a wrap.


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