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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Youth Day Toronto

Youth Day Toronto is taking place this Sunday, July 22nd at Yonge and Dundas Square.  I'll be hosting part of the show where over 100 live music and dance performances will take place over 10 hours by mostly youth.  This FREE summer festival is expected to bring over 30,000 people and is deemed the largest festival of it's kind.

With all the gun violence that has been taking place  over the last few months,  I feel that the youth are giving us a sign - a cry for help.  Watching CTV yesterday, there was a Bishop speaking about this current issue.  He points to the lack of education, parental guidance, and youth programs as the root of the problem for our youth.  Nodding my head in agreement, I couldn't help but feel tremendously sorry for all the innocent victims and for the hopeless youth that pulled the trigger in the first place.  How can we all help to end this?

Well one way is to attend on Sunday and support the youth.  In my first conversation with the founder of Youth Day, she told me that the festival was created in response to a horrible gun incident a few years back and that it has been an incredible success ever since it's inception.  Continuing to gain a larger audience every year, the festival has set world records and acts as a positive outlet for youth.  I have no doubt that this year will bring a wave of positive and talented people in our city and our youth will be able to showcase their magnificent skills.  Just because there are a few bad apples, doesn't mean that the rest of us aren't trying to keep the city safe and are working tirelessly to instill hope to our youth and their (our) future.

See you at the square on Sunday!


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