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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creating Opportunities RECAP

Gather together a handful of passionate dance leaders who are out to make the world a better place, and the most miraculous things can happen.  Incredible breakthroughs, to unveiled visions, to an unearthly awareness of ourselves and each other.

I'm talking about the first Creating Opportunities Leaders Training (OG) Program that happened over the past 4 days in a secluded villa located in the tranquil city of Tulum, Mexico.  Blessed to have been invited into the program by my mentors and founders Lisette Bustamante and Chonique Sneed, there we were waking up every morning to the beauty of the beach in our backyard hoping that no one would pinch us hard enough to wake up from our dream.

It was Paradise.

Over the next three days we were invited as dance leaders to share our experiences with each other.  No egos, no divas, just plain good-hearted people with a vision of a dance community that will rise and change the world.

From learning about community, to raising your hand even if you don't know the answer, to what a true leader needs to fly, to figuring out the blueprint as an artist, to putting action and momentum into a project, we dug deep in the work and as a result, came out with flying colors.  It must have been something in the breeze of the palm trees or the calming waves of the water, but there we were (no holds barred) laughing, crying, praying, holding hands, thinking hard, and coming up with solutions we didn't even know we already had within us.

I only wish that I had this kind of guidance and program when I was making my first steps into the dance industry as a professional ... and now it's here. All aspiring dancers and artists can take advantage and learn about what it takes to have not only "15 minutes of fame" in the industry but a career of longevity and actual meaning.

Registration will be open soon for a Toronto Elite Team that I will be coaching (yes I'm certified!) and invite you all to take part and experience it first-hand.  If your feeling blocked as an artist, want to start your own project but don't know where to start, are having trouble with auditions or networking, or just want to learn more about yourself and your artistry, then this program is for you.  If you are serious about diving in, I guarantee there will be a renewed self-awareness and your career and life will multiply infinitely. Mine has.

The life of your dreams is possible...believe in it...


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