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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here it is!!

The first video of my online dance instructional series DANCE BREAKDOWN.

Made for everyone, my mission is to get as many people all over the world to MOVE.  From the beginner to more advanced, I wanted to make dance accessible to everyone and decided I would just go ahead, face my frightening nightmares of the use of 21st technology, and post on youtube already.

DANCE BREAKDOWN will provide a new dance tutorial every Wednesday.  It will extend to feature exclusive interviews, latest news, events, and videos focusing on dance stories that matter with the hopes of bridging the much-needed gap between the emerging dance artists and the professionals at the forefront.  From the stage, to the screen, to the streets, let's share indispensable knowledge and continue to create greatness together!

Check it out and please share, retweet, forward to anyone you know (nieces, nephews, aunt, gramps, neighbours) who want to learn to dance but don't know where to start!  It can all start in your living room.  That's where it started for me.  Go on and get into it - you know you wanna;)

For more, make sure to subscribe to the channel here!

Love, light and dance.


jojo zolina said...

This is hot thank you

JanetLCastillo said...

Your welcome Jojo;)! Make sure to subscribe to the Dance Breakdown youtube channel for more!

Andres Micheal said...

Well i have followed this tutorial but still i am missing many things and you are also not focusing on the base of this song, your tutorial is bit perfect but not perfect enough to perform like JB. Justin Bieber Leather Jacket

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