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Monday, August 6, 2012

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS: Mind of an Olympian, Heart of a Champion

My eyes have been glued to the television the last few days watching the Olympics.  The channel has been locked to CTV and NBC as the world's top athletes compete for gold.  I'm always amazed at how these Olympians decide one day they want to compete, put in years of hard work, and then are given a single chance to become a champion.  Anything can happen in that one moment that will ultimately determine the rest of their lives. The world watches in complete awe.

We can learn a lot from these athletes and their quest for the win - from their Olympic mind, to finding the right coach, to being surrounded  by supportive "sacrificing all" families, to their die-hard practice, and to their one-in-a-million champion hearts.

One thing that strikes me and what I believe separates these Olympians from the rest of the population is their unwavering ability to never give up.  To find a way even when their bodies tell them no, to get back in the race and finish what they started.  It comes from that second wind. And we all have it.

I challenge you all this week to try and go for that second wind - to come face to face with the breaking point where your choice between breaking down and breaking through arises.  The moment you feel it's all not worth it anymore.  Decide then that you want to give it one more play, one more shot. Decide then that your mind is stronger than you body and that your heart can pound ten times stronger. Once you surpass that last wind, the end seems easy, nothing can stop you, and you ultimately soar to new heights.

The results are out-of-this-world.

Your gold medal awaits you and the dream of your lifetime becomes real.

(moment of silence)


And now back to the television for more Olympic greatness...;)


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