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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sneak Peek: New online dance instructional series "DANCE BREAKDOWN"

Hey folks!

So excited to let you know about a new project I'm spearheading called Dance Breakdown.  With the mission of getting people to move globally, I've created and produced an online dance instructional series where me and some amazing dancers break down the most popular routines  from top-charting artists including Justin Beiber,  Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, and more!

It's sad to say but let's face it...gone are the VHS-player days where we (enthusiastically) struggled to perfect every routine that hit the Much Music Countdown (Thank God for the rewind and pause button and for the small space in my living room).  Fast-forward to 2012 and Dance Breakdown will provide a simple, fun, and engaging way to learn all the moves at an individual pace.  Designed for dance enthusiasts from the beginner to professional, my hopes are the videos will help people all over the world get up and enjoy one of the most fulfilling art forms on this planet.

I'll be launching the series at the end of August so stay tuned!  In the meantime subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss a thing!  If there are any artists or videos your keen on learning,  feel free to shoot me a message as we might be able to feature it.  I'm thinking we need some Beyonce up in here...

Here are some photos from our shoot!  Shout out to my dancers Sarah, Michel and JJ and to my whole production crew that invested their talent and time to the project.  Remember that blog about having a team.  Well my team rocks and so should yours!


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