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Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivational Mondays: Condition Yourself

Whatever it is that you want or see for yourself, are you putting in the daily rituals to practice?  Are you conditioning yourself so that the muscles in your body become so in tune with the practice that they eventually become automatic?

If you answered no, I would highly suggest that you look at your daily schedule and invest the time and effort into what you want.  With all the information we can easily access by our fingertips these days, there should be no excuses.

If you want to be a choreographer, are you choreographing daily? Are you writing for at least an hour every day if you want to write a book?  Are you practicing your monologue if you want to be an actor?  It all sounds so simple but it's the only sure way to success and many of us want to take the short-cut.

The most successful people are constantly in progress, constantly growing, and never satisfied with their work that it continues to push them further.  Be that person.  Push yourself to do that thing you want to do every single day whether you are making the big bucks from it or not.  Thinking about it only gets you to step 1, you must put in action if you want to make it real.  That is when you become. 

Go books, watch videos, interview those in the industry, model the best, create, look around and immerse yourself into your craft and the industry that surrounds it.  Before you know it, you'll be in that very position you dreamed of, and this time, (yes!) making an actual living out of it.



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