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Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Mondays: Color Outside of the Lines

Growing up I always used to color inside the lines because I thought it was the 'right thing to do' but as I grow older, I realize it gives me much more satisfaction to color outside of the lines and it doesn't feel as uncomfortable to do so anymore.

Live in the unknown.  Step outside of your comfort zone.  Break the rules.  In order to grow, you must be actively taking risks that challenge your sense of 'normal'.  Stay in your comfort zone and there's not much room to expand.

This past week, I've attended dance festivals, workshops, competitions and I saw some dancers purposely color outside the lines and it made me smile.

This week, I challenge you do something that isn't within your comfort zone and be aware of how you feel afterwards.  Take a new class, connect with that person you are afraid to reach out to, start your dream project, wear something you've always wanted to but never thought you could pull off, speak out about something you feel strongly about, make a video...the list is endless.

Whatever it is, let your inner wild child come out this week and reward yourself for taking that step to reveal a side of you no one (maybe not even you) has seen before.

Have fun and Good luck!


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