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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tips for thinking like a dancer, from acclaimed choreographer Wayne McGregor

My good friend Sara just posted this video and I had to share! I think Wayne is brilliant in conveying his choreographic methods for the TED audience.

He uncovers his three versions of physical thinking:
1. Body to body direct transfer of energy - taking one aspect of something and making it physical (ie. the "T" in TED). Have something and hold onto it which will begin to create the phrase.
2. Using the body as architectural objects - using dancers as objects to think with
("If and then..").
3. Task-based method - the autonomy to make all of the decisions themselves. A mental dance.

I'm always fascinated by the creation process (often even more than the actual final product)and this is a great example of how a contemporary choreographer designs beautiful dances and translates his methods of physical thinking for a broader population.

"Misbehave, more beautifully, more often"


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