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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Electric Circus

Happy Halloween #Electric Circus #MarilynManson Style!

If you missed it last Saturday night when dance crews Buccnflvr and deuceNdip went head-to-head at the FINAL ROUND for $5000, check it out here!!

Shout out to hosts T-rex (Kanye West), Liz (Bootylicious Kim Kardashian), judges Lenny Len, (Lolo Judge) Benzo (Count Blackula), producers Jacqueline, Romeo, Sharon and everyone creating electric magic behind-the-scenes at Much Music from drag queen JP Ricchio, to Michael D. Stoddart working the XBOX Dance Central 3. And of course to all the dancers that came out, supported, performed their butts off and made it a party ya'll!  I SEE you....;)

Oh I definitely see you....



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