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Monday, November 19, 2012

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS: Don't be great, be Extraordinary

Last night while watching the American Music Awards, the artists all brought their show-stopping performances to the stage but there was one, in my opinion, that completely stole the show.  And it was because she chose to take the path less travelled and in doing so, WOWED everyone.  You can tell from the audience applause that it was a clear winner.

Pink is an incredible artist that is always pushing the boundaries and in this performance, she sets a whole new standard in live music and what is possible.  I vote for her to have her own Cirque Du Soleil Show and just name it "Pink".  She never settles for anything short of extraordinary and that is what clearly separates her from the pack.  This bold, vivacious artist knows her strengths, takes full advantage of them, and consistently makes a powerful statement whenever she appears.

This week, think like Pink.  Don' just be great, be EXTRAORDINARY. Don't wait for others to set the standard.  Set the bar high yourself and let your performance speak in massive volumes.

Hell Ya.


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