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Monday, February 3, 2014

Podcast #3 - Why We Love Bruno (and what entertainers can learn from him)

The most exciting touchdown of Super Bowl Sunday was clearly Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show. Millions of viewers tuned in to see if this 28-year-old Grammy winner was capable of pulling off such a grand performance.  But Mars proved he has what it takes with his electric soul revival, solid gold look, and James Brown moves.  Here's why we continue to love Bruno and what entertainers can learn from his rock star performance: 

1. Endurance - If you want to survive in the long run and have longevity in your entertainment career, make sure you schedule in some major endurance training.  I'm talking pure staying power where you are the last one standing.  This kind of training is different from power, strength or flexibility. Think winning the marathon. Bruno Mars and his band were jumping up and down, throwing themselves across the stage, and did so with a smile on their face with a sense of pure effortlessness. 

2. Less is more - Bruno proves that there doesn't need to be an army of dancers, too many changes, or any attention-seeking gimmicks such as a wardrobe malfunction or an unnecessary middle finger during the show.  Bruno did less with this performance but each moment stuck out. He didn't need to do anything too complicated or intricate but made it his own and fancied us with his James Brown footwork and just like that, he stole the show.  

3.  Give it all you got - When Bruno goes, he goes all the way.  As do many great performers.  He gives everything to his fans that sometimes you wonder if he has anything left for himself. 

4. Be a triple threat - In Bruno's case, his triple skills were singing, dancing, and drumming.  Entertainers that reach beyond their craft  to put on a dynamic show pulls the strings  of 'awe' in us and are eyes don't glaze over from a one-dimensional show.  True entertainers use all of their performing skills and strive for perfection. Just look at Pink and her Cirque Du Soleil acts.... 

5. Fill the stadium but always be intimate - Although small in size, Bruno's gigantic presence fills the stadium.  He extends beyond and reaches out to others with his heart-pounding energy and contagious charisma.  But although he does that, he still gives you the feeling that he is performing for you and only you.  It's the fine balance between connecting with every single person in the room but still playing to the bigger theatrical spectacle. Few entertainers can achieve this. 

6.  Roll with a team that rocks with you - You can easily tell that Bruno's team loves what they do and that they are family.  As the leader, Bruno has chosen his team mates and knows when to blend in and when to pull focus. Each of the players bring their own unique skills to the stage, making them greater as a whole. 

7.  Have FUN! - Bruno makes us want to join the party.  He genuinely looks like he's having the time of his life on stage and that inevitably translates to an audience, who in turn want to get in on the action. 

8. And alas...Have good hair :) - Yes, have good hair and make sure it doesn't interfere with your slamming performance.  Let it accentuate you and bring out your personality. Bruno's pompadour hairstyle with "three gallons of hair spray" definitely worked for us. 


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