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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fear is not real. Love is.

Fear.  What is it? Where does it come from and how can we conquer it?  As human beings, we all have fears and if we allow it, they can paralyze us and keep us stuck.

Dancers are often viewed as fearless creatures. They get naturally high off performing in front of large audiences when most people are afraid to even step foot on a stage. They believe in pursuing their dreams - so much that they sacrifice everything, though for many, just the thought of leaving their comfort zone puts them into a state of panic. And they consistently put themselves out there, repetitively facing rejection while most people can't even bare to hear the word "No".

And yet, (of course) dancers are human and have fears too.  Many fear failure, success, the unknown, not being good enough, the industry changing who they are, doing work in vain, freestyling, injuries, auditions, and taking classes in a foreign style.

If one can look closely at these fears, one would realize that they are not real. They are merely thoughts, memories of the past or images of the future that are played on repeat in the mind. An illusion some say.  The only way out is to live in the present moment.  

Or in other words, just dance.  If you are truly in your zone, time and space collapse, the mind stops thinking and the body moves freely. Be grateful if you can experience this.

This is where Love resides and it is real.

To help explore more of this idea and how fears can hold us back..

Next week I'm going to participate online: "On Being Fearless" 21-Day Meditation Journey Arianna Huffington. I invite you to join in so we can (hopefully) get closer to getting rid of fear and replacing it with more love.


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