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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Success or Failure? Doesn't Matter. Keep Creating.

One of my favorite authors Elizabeth Gilbert just released her latest TED Talk.  In this talk, she describes her successes and failures coming out of her best-selling book "Eat, Pray, Love" and why it's important for her to identify with the younger unpublished writer that she was years ago in order to keep going.

"I had to find a way that my creativity survived its' own success."

"I"m not going to quit. I'm going home."

"Find your way back home again as swiftly and smoothly as you can. Home is whatever in this world you love more than you love yourself."  

"It bombed. And I was fine.  Actually I kinda felt bullet proof.  Because I knew that I had broken the spell and I had found my way back home to writing for the sheer devotion of it."

"I'm writing another one now. And I"ll write another book after that, and another, and another, and another and many of them will fail and some of them might succeed but I will always be safe from the random hurricanes from outcome as long as I never forget where I rightfully live." 


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