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Film &Television

Much Music's NML Best Dance Crew - Dance Judge/Mentor (CTV)
Much Music's Disband - Featured Choreographer (CTV)
CP24 Morning Show - Choreographer, CATALYST (CityTV)
JammX Kids All-Star Dance Special (JOJO, Queen Latifah) Choreographer (WB/Dir. - Lisette and Chonique)
Making It Big - Featured Choreographer (Life/Oxygen)
Latin GRAMMYs - Asst. Choreographer (Univision/Dir. - Lisette Bustamante)
Canadian Radio Music Awards - Choreographer/Dancer (Plasma)
The Toronto Show - Choreographer/Dancer (Breakthrough)
Flip TV - Choreographer/Dancer (OMNI/Rogers)

Jennifer Lopez Promo Tour - Asst. Choreographer (Dir.- Taluenga Brothers)
Christina Milian Promo Tour - Asst. Choreographer (Chor. - Lisette and Chonique)
Jenna G. & Snoop Dogg Promo Tour - Choreographer/Dancer ( AKDKEMI)
Jasmine Trias (American Idol) Promo Tour - Choreographer/Dancer ( Music Management Inc.)
Gary Beals (Canadian Idol) Promo Tour - Choreographer/Dancer (Plasma Productions)

Live Performances/Industrials

Canada Philippine Fashion Week - Entertainment Director (Kol Hope Foundation) 
Queen of Hearts Live Showcase - Choreographer (Kuya Productions)
The Fun Revolution, Nicole Arbour - Choreographer (Arbour Entertainment)
Macy’s Fashion Show - Asst. Choreographer ( Dir. - Brian Friedman)
Best Kept Secret - Asst. Choreographer (Chor. - Lisette and Chonique)
Choreographers Ball - Choreographer/Dancer (ThaMovement)
Kuya Benefit Show - Choreographer/Dancer (Kuya Productions)
Rocawear Fashion Show - Choreographer/Dancer (PG-13 Productions)

Music Videos
“Say I”/Christina Milian - Asst. Choreographer (Dir. - Ray Kay)
“You can have it all”/JRDN - Co-Choreographer (Dir. - Cazhmere)
"Summer Nights”/Gary Beals - Choreographer/Dancer (Dir. - Miles Davren)
“Gentleman”/Jenna G. - Choreographer/Dancer (AKDKEMI)
‘Stop Playing Games”/360 - Choreographer/Dancer (Dir. - Russell Roso)

Founder/Co-Artistic Director – Catalyst Dance Company
The 5th Element, The Fringe Festival and Six Degrees
Four Seasons 50th Anniversary Gala
Women in Dance
Talent Defined
Pink Bedroom Charity Event
Free the Children's Artbound Party
Canadian Events Star Awards Gala
Fashion Alternative Toronto (FAT)
International Dance Day - Yonge and Dundas


World of Dance Toronto 
Monsters of Hip Hop Toronto
DTRC On the Move Dance Conference
Be Discovered
DLM Dance
Illskillz Toronto High School Best Dance Crew
Gravity Defined Tour
Making it Big Workshop Series
World Championships of the Performing Arts, Hollywood
Starcatchers Festival
Rock The Floor Dance Championships
Humber Hype Challenge


Film & Television
Honey - Dancer ( Dir. - Bille Woodruff) 
Take the Lead - Dancer (Dir. - Liz Friedlander)
Disney Fashion Crimes - Actor (Disney Channel)
So You Think You Can Dance - Dance Finalist (Fox)
The Drop - Dancer/Host (SiTV)
Dance Moves - Dancer (BPM TV)
Set up Short Film - Principal (Dir. - Nasim Ali)

List available upon request.

You Don’t Know Me! - Kim/Dance Captain (Dir. - Mark E. Swinton)
The King and I - Topsy (Dir. - Eleanor Calbes
Reflections - Ensemble (Dir. - CPO)

Live Performance/Industrials
Jasmine Trias (American Idol) Promo Tour - Principal Dancer (Music Management Int)
Asia Entertainment - Principal Dancer (Chor: Kristin Denehy)
MTV Comedy Central Event - Freestyle Dancer (GCLA)
LA Choreographer’s Carnival - Dancer (Chor: Bryan T.)
MAC Viva Glam - Dancer (Fashion Cares)
Vodka Blue - Dancer (Royal Events)
Woodbine Casino - Principal Dancer (Woodbine Productions)
International Olympic Gala - Dancer (IOC)
Sally Jesse Raphael Pre-Show - Dancer (NBC)

Music Videos
“Breaking it Up”/Lykke Li - Dancer (Dir: Sarah Chatham)
“Southern Girl”/Kuya - Principal Dancer (Dir: Michael Douglas)
“Do what you got to do”/Jevon - Principal Dancer (Dir: Silvia Telfair)
“Take a good look”/Alyson - Principal Dancer (Chor: Michael Schwant)


TEDx TheAnnex Women - Performer & Speaker "She Moves" 
Girls Action Foundation - Panelist and Workshop Facilitator 
Youth Dance Day - Featured Host 
On the Move Dance Conference - Workshop Speaker 


The Edge Performing Arts Center (LA)
Debbie Reynolds (LA)
Millennium Dance Complex (LA) - Shane Sparks, Shotyme, Wade Robson, Tovaris Wilson, Kevin Maher, Beats Freaks (ABCD), Lisette and Chronique, Adam Parsons
Broadway Dance Center (NYC) - Rhapsody, Jermaine Brown, Wes Veldink, Sheila Barker
Various (Toronto) - Luther Brown, Linda Garneau, Karen Andrews, Siona Jackson, Arthur Murray Ballroom and Latin, Afro-Latino Dance Company. Culture Philippines, Siony's Hawaiian Dance Company

Creating Opportunities (LA/NYC) - Elite Team Leader and Coach 


Ginger H. Friedman, Miriam Laurence, Lewis Baumander

On Camera Acting 
Sears and Switzer, Scott Wissner -Commercial

Andrew Strauser; Groundlings – Improvisation

Bob Garrett, Eleanor Calbes

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